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Dirt bike stand: Top 5 dirt bike stands and lift tables

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Whether you're looking for a simple dirt bike stand that you can carry in your backpack, or a hydraulic workshop stand to make maintenance much easier, this post contains all of the best options available. We'll look at lift stands, scissor stands, ride-on lift stands, enduro kick stands, workshop stands, and simple triangle stands.

There's many different types of stand to choose from, so before we get to the top choices, let's find out what to look for to ensure you make the right choice.

What to look for in a dirt bike stand

What size dirt bike will the stand be used for?

Many dirt bike stands will only work with a certain size of dirt bike, for example 125-450 cc, or 50-100 cc dirt bikes. This may be because of the strength of the stand, or because of its size or height. Because of this, it's important to check the manufacturers description before buying a stand.

Where will the stand be used?

If you'll be using the stand at the track on soft ground, you'll need something stable that won't sink into the mud. Stands with wheels would be a bad choice in this situation, look for something with more surface area. A stand with a big bottom plate would work great.

On the other hand, maybe you want a stand for dirt bike maintenance. In this situation a wheeled stand or jack may be preferred, especially if you work in tight spaces. This will make things so much easier by letting you move the dirt bike around, so you can easily get to either side.

What will the stand be used for?

Some stands are used for more than just resting the dirt bike on between races. If this is all you need a stand for, then a simple box stand may be fine. But, if you want a stand for maintenance, then a stand that can lift the dirt bike high will make things a whole lot easier for you. This means you'll be able to stand up while working, rather than bending down for long periods, which can ruin your back.

Will you be using the stand to wash your dirt bike on? If so, bare in mind that steel stands will probably rust, and moving parts may seize up. This can be helped by keeping all moving parts well oiled, or by simply buying an aluminium box stand without moving parts.

What height do you need the stand to be?

All dirt bike stands will have a maximum lifting height that you should check against your dirt bike before buying a stand. Stand your bike upright, and measure from the ground to the bottom of the frame, at the point where it will sit on the stand. Make sure this height is lower than the stands maximum height to ensure your frame isn't too high for the stand to reach.

The top 5 dirt bike stands

1. Black Widow Box Stand

best dirt bike stand

The Black Widow box stand has a full aluminium construction making it light, but still strong enough to hold a massive 1500 lbs! The top of the stand has an oil and gas resistant rubber pad, to prevent your dirt bike moving around, or slipping off the stand. It also has a 3.375” square cutout in the centre of the top plate, which makes oil changes a breeze.

Underneath the the stand there is a removable tray that can be used to hold tools, or nuts and bolts; or it can be used as an oil pan when draining your engine or gearbox oil. The stand is 16.5 inches high, which means it should work fine for most adult bikes, and the top plate is 10 inches square.

A top rated, and reasonably priced stand, that's great for the pits, or for garage maintenance. And being a full aluminium construction makes it great for washing your dirt bike, with no worries of the stand going rusty.

Check it out on Amazon and see the current price here > Black Widow Stand

2. Risk Racing Ride On Lift Stand

dirt bike stands

The risk racing ride on lift stand is perfect for those that struggle to lift their bikes onto a standard box stand. Simply lay the stand on the floor, and then push or ride your dirt bike onto it. As the front tire touches the front plate of the stand, the lift rises to the bottom of the dirt bike's frame. You then push the foot operated lever to raise the stand, or lift it with your toe to lower it back down.

The stand is made from steel which makes it very strong, and the powder coating prevents rust if it gets wet. The top plate has a moulded rubber pad to stop the dirt bike from moving around. And there's also a large cutout in the centre to allow access to your engines drain plug, this makes oil changes easy.

Another highly rated stand, perfect after long motos or enduros when you just don't have the energy to be lifting your dirt bike onto a stand. Also great for people with back problems, or those who simply find lifting the bike difficult.

Check the current price, and watch a video of the Risk Racing ride on lift stand in action on Amazon here > Risk Racing Stand.

Some people have complained this stand may not be very good on concrete due to it sliding across the floor as the bike is pushed onto it. To solve this problem, Risk Racing also sell a pit mat (as in the picture above) that's also available on Amazon.

3. Motorsport Products Hydraulic Scissor Lift

dirt bike scissor stand

This is the Motorsport Products scissor lift, I bought one of these back in 2015 and it's been fantastic. This is the perfect workshop stand with a build quality that is equal to much higher priced stands.

If you're fed up with bending down to work on your dirt bike, the scissor lift will raise it up to 33 inches off the ground. This makes simple jobs like changing air filters effortless, and bigger jobs like top end rebuilds much more pleasant.

The stand has two super strong springs on either side, that hook over the foot pegs to stop the bike falling off. These can be adjusted so that the bike is secured as tightly as possible to keep it stable while undoing tight bolts etc.

To raise the table there's an hydraulic lifter that you can operate by hand or foot, and when the desired height is reached, there's also a safety pin for extra insurance. To lower the stand back down you simply press the release pedal.

Just like the other stands we've looked at, this one also has a cutout to allow for easy oil changes. Check out the awesome customer reviews, and check the current price on Amazon here > Motorsport Products Scissor Lift

4. AlveyTech Universal Triangle Stand

triangle dirt bike stand

Triangle stands are great for taking along to the track when you have limited space, or for packing into your backpack during trail riding. There's lots of choice, but finding a good one can be difficult. Stay away from aluminium triangle stands, as they are known to break easily.

The AlveyTech universal triangle stand is made from steel so it's much tougher than the aluminium versions. There's also a strengthener welded across the triangle for extra durability.

It's universal, so it will fit into the rear axle hole of all dirt bikes to keep them upright. And because of its simplicity, with no moving parts, it can also be used for washing the dirt bike without worry of it rusting.

The stand comes with three insert sizes: 11 mm, 14.5 mm, and 18 mm. The bottom width is 9 3/4 inches across, the height is 13 3/4 inches, and it only weighs 2 lbs; so it's super easy to carry while riding.

A top rated stand that you can check out on Amazon here > AlveyTech triangle Stand.

5. Powerbuilt Triple Lift Jack

dirt bike stand workshop

This is the powerbuilt triple lift jack, and the final choice for dirt bike workshop maintenance. The jack is multi purpose, meaning it will lift many other things including your car. The secret to its versatility is a removable round lifting saddle, that leaves a flat table for lifting dirt bikes, or other motorcycles.

The dirt bike will sit stable on the flat table, but to further stabilize it, the jack has two built in tie down loops that you can attach ratchet straps to. This makes it much safer while tightening and loosening larger bolts on your dirt bike.

The jack is rated to 4000 lbs so no bike is too heavy, and you'll be able to use it for other things like ATV's, etc. Simply pump the hydraulic lifter to raise the dirt bike to a height of 17.5 inches.

Check the current price of this jack on amazon here > Powerbuilt triple lift jack

Which dirt bike stand to get

These are the top 5 choices on the market, but which one you choose depends on your answers to the questions we asked at the start. The jack and the lift table are meant for maintenance only, if you want a stand to take to the track, choices 1,2 or 4 will be the best buys.

Good luck with your dirt bike stand choice! Now you have a stand, take a look at some tools and essentials that you'll need by clicking HERE.

Or head back to the homepage to check out some more great posts HERE.


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