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Dirt Bike Security: Top tips to keep your bike safe

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Dirt bike security is something I've taken very seriously ever since having my dirt bike stolen as a kid. We never think it will happen to us, but no matter where you live, your dirt bike will be a prime target for thieves.

One normal day somebody will walk past your house and admire your dirt bike, taking special note of how it's secured. They'll look for security lights, cameras, and any signs of alarms.

At some point in the near future, in the middle of the night, a stolen van will pull up outside your house. At which point a couple of thieves dressed in black will pile out clown car style. They'll cut your chain, and then wheel your bike into the back of the van, never to be seen again.

Seeing your garage door ripped open, and your pride and joy missing is devastating, so I'm going to give you some great tips to help make sure it doesn't happen to you.

1. Be discreet with your dirt bike

If you live anywhere near a public footpath or highway, it's best to keep your dirt bike out of sight to lower the chances of thieves seeing it. A great way to let thieves know you have an expensive dirt bike somewhere on your property, is by leaving it on full display on your lawn.

For example, maybe you leave it there to dry off after you've washed it. If a thief sees the dirt bike, you can guarantee he'll be back to collect it! If you can wash the dirt bike somewhere else (the jet wash at the local fuel station does the job for me) you'll have no reason to leave the bike in view of others.

2. Choose a van over a trailer or tow bar carrier

My friend recently had two dirt bikes stolen from a property that sits down a long dirt road out of the view of the public. He always put the dirt bikes straight into his shed, and locked them up; but he carried them on a trailer.

He believes that the thieves followed him home after seeing the dirt bikes on his trailer. This is why it's always best to use a van to transport your dirt bikes, rather than a trailer that puts them on full display to hundreds of people on the highways.

2. Purchase good locks, chains, and anchors.

dirt bike security lock

Unfortunately, some of the best chains on the market can be cut with bolt cutters, even the super thick expensive ones. But the good news is that it still takes a hell of a lot of force to cut through them. Thieves will often use their legs to force the bolt cutter handles together, so if the chain is on the floor you're probably helping the thief.

If you have solid walls, place your anchor high enough that the chain will not touch the ground. Stay away from push bike locks and go with the biggest chain you can find.

This 6 foot long, 14 mm thick titanium reinforced chain is recommended (link to Amazon).

And this 16 mm thick hardened anchor (link to Amazon) that can be attached to the wall, or floor if you have no other option.

Remember that when you fit your anchor (preferably to the wall), that the anchor is only as strong as the wall you attach it to. Attaching to bricks and blocks should work fine, but the anchor could easily be pulled from wooden shed walls.

3. Lock up your dirt bike at the track

When you leave your dirt bike alone, even if it's only for a few minutes, always lock it up. You'd be surprised at how many people have lost their dirt bike to thieves that have simply pushed them away from the track. If nobody recognises the dirt bike as yours, the thief will just look like one of the other riders leaving the track.

Sit your dirt bike next to your vehicle, and chain it to the rear axle. Again, use a thick chain because thieves will be ready with bolt cutters.

4. Fit an alarm to your garage

whether you have a shed, garage, or keep your dirt bike in a storage container, it's always vulnerable. Locks are worth every penny, but they can usually be cut if the thief has enough time. Even if the lock is 20 mm and hardened, a portable angle grinder will rip through it.

For this reason it's always best to have an alarm fitted. Don't use those sticky door alarms, as thieves will rip them off and stamp on them, get a proper wired-in alarm system. I opted for a system that is linked into the house alarm, this alerts me immediately be sounding a separate alarm in the house, as well as one in the garage to scare the thief.

5. Get your dirt bike insured

If the thief gets past the locks, and the alarm, your dirt bike will be stolen. This does happen, it's heart breaking, and there's only one thing that can take the pain out of it, money to buy another one!

You'll probably be surprised that dirt bike fire and theft insurance isn't actually that pricey. But insurance companies usually require owners to keep their dirt bike in a locked building, and for it to be secured with a lock and chain.

Bonus tips
  • When you lock up your dirt bike, be mindful of where you're placing the chain, I always place mine around the frame. Remember, if the chain is placed around the forks or swingarm, thieves can easily drop out a wheel to easily remove the chain.
  • Never leave your dirt bike, or any of your gear in your van overnight. It may feel like you could save time in the morning, but thieves love breaking into vans, and they'll take everything.
  • Always keep a record of your dirt bike's frame and engine number, just in case it is stolen. You'll need to give this to the police when you report it stolen, then if the dirt bike is found this is the proof that it's yours.
  • I mentioned being discreet by keeping your dirt bike out of sight, it's also a good idea to keep it quiet. If you start it up you'll let everyone in a quarter mile radius know you have a dirt bike that they can steal! If you must start it, be quick and don't rev it unnecessarily.
  • Get your dirt bike data-tagged! This may actually deter some thieves as it will make it harder for the thief to sell the bike on.
  • If you're using your bike regularly, this may be a pain, but removing a wheel will prevent most thieves stealing your dirt bike. Firstly, it's useless without a wheel, and sourcing one will be too much hard work for most thieves, Secondly, they'll have a struggle getting it to their van.. If they don't have a van they definitely won't take it.
  • Fit a tracking device! These devices were once super expensive, but you can get one for peanuts these days. You can bolt them inside your airbox, and thieves will be clueless. You then simply track your dirt bike with your phone, and then go and get your bike back! Check this one out on Amazon > Tracking Device

Thanks for checking out my tips for dirt bike security, I've learned the hard way so you won't have to! Expect a thief to show up every night, and never skip locking your dirt bike, or setting the alarm.

Now your garage is safe and secure, get yourself some awesome dirt bike tools to put in it, CLICK HERE to find out what you'll need.

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