Searon Backlit Digital Hour Meter / Tachometer

  • Backlit Tach Maintenance Hour Meter Tachometer for Dirt Bikes, Road Motorcycles, ATV, Marine Engines, Chain Saws, Tractors, Lawnmowers.
  • Accumulate total run time (TOT:0~99,999 hours), Record re-settable JOB time(JOB: 0~99,99.9 hours).
  • Programmable Maintenance Interval Timer(SVC) from 0 to 200 hours with flash alert service alarms
  • RPM reading Displays from 0 to 25,000 RPM with 10 RPM resolution.Max RPM recall.
  • Internal replaceable CR2032 battery and Data will retain after replace the battery.
  • 2 Years Warranty

Works on: 
2 Stroke 1 cylinder/2 stroke 2 cylinder/2 stroke 3 cylinder/2 stroke 4 cylinder/2 stroke 6 cylinder 
4 stroke 1 cylinder/ 4 stroke 2 cylinder/4 stroke 3 cylinder/4 stroke 4 cylinder/4 stroke 6 cylinder/4 stroke 8 cylinder/ 4 stroke 12 cylinder/4 stroke 16 cylinder Gas engines.


Backlit Tach/Maintenance/Hour Meter for RC Toys PWC ATV Motorcycles Marine Engines Chain Saws Tractors Lawnmowers. 

1. When RPM reading displays incorrectly, You need customize Your Engine Firing Pattern. 9 Programmable engine firing patterns are available.
2. IP65, Low pressure spray at any angle has no effect.
3. Make sure you install the battery cover with seal ring inside. Failure to install the battery cover will bring about the water ingress causing meter to function abnormally.

Product Features
Hour Meter Features
When engine is off, display shows total run time of engine and remains visible.
Total Hours(TOT) reading displays from 0 to 99,999 Hours, TOT hours are non-resettable.
Record JOB time (JOB), JOB time is resettable.
Customizable maintenance interval time from 0-200 hours with flash alert service alarms.

Tachometer Features 
Display current RPM when engine is on.
8 Programmable Engine Firing Patterns.
Tachometer displays from 0-25,000 RPM with 10 RPM resolution.
Max RPM recall.
Programmable RPM refresh rate: 0.5S/1S.
Programmable RPM Alert.

Other Features
Easy to install.
Large 7 segment LCD Screen with Green Backlight.
Internal replaceable CR2032 battery.
Data retained after battery change.
IP rating: IP65.