6D ATR-2 motocross helmet

Highly recommended for all riders, the 6D ATR-2 features a design like no other. 6D stands for six degrees of rotational impact protection, which means it will protect you from all directions. Protecting from rotational impacts has never been achieved by an helmet before, and the ATR-2 is the only helmet offering this level of protection, to prevent ripping and tearing inside the brain, even during big impacts.



  • Welcome to the Next Level of Brain Protection.Raising the Bar – Introducing the new ATR-2 with Advanced ODS.Advanced O.D.S.
  • technology.Ultralight 1480 grams. Re-buildable. Washable Dri-Lex liner.Emergency release cheek pads.Air Gap ventilation system.Three-year warranty.What’s Different, and Why Is It Important?The ATR-2 with advanced ODS is evolved to provide improved perfor
  • This improves rider safety and saves the consumer money. Optimized Shell Design: The 6D concept of ‘Optimized Shell Design’ does not define one element, but a system where multiple materials work together, in concert, to provide greater protection
  • The shell must have the structural integrity to prevent penetration, but it should not be overly stiff or rigid either.
  • An overly stiff and rigid shell can seriously compromise the helmet’s energy management potential.Multi-Impact Outer EPP (Expanded Polypropylene) Liner: 6D strategically positioned the multi-impact EPP outer liner against the helmet shell’s inner