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Dirt bike helmet camera: The top choices for all riders

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Whether you want to start a dirt biking vlog, or simply take a few videos to share with your friends, you'll need a tough helmet camera to capture the action. In this post we'll look at two awesome cameras I'm currently using, and you'll find out why these are the top choices for dirt bike riders worldwide.

Before I tell you why these are the best dirt bike helmet cameras, you can take a look at them both at the links below.

Check out the Garmin Virb Ultra 30 4K action camera (link to Amazon)

And my second choice, the GoPro Hero 7 Black 4K action camera (link to Amazon)

The reason I have two cameras will become clear later on, we'll also get to two other options for those of you that are on a tighter budget. And we'll have a look at 360 degree helmet cameras for those who want the latest technology!

Why are these the best dirt bike helmet cameras?

dirt bike helmet camera garmin virb ultra 30
Garmin Virb Ultra 30
dirt bike helmet camera gopro hero 7 black
GoPro Hero 7 Black

When you wear a camera while riding a dirt bike, it's going to take an absolute battering. You'll have rocks and mud being thrown at it, it'll get wet, it'll get the crap shaken out of it, and it could impact the ground if you crash.

Both of these helmet cameras have been designed with action sports in mind, so they're made to take this kind of abuse. They both have a shock proof design, a protective waterproof casing with various mounting options, and you'll get a camera that records super high quality 4k video.

In my opinion, both of these cameras are pretty much on par, and everything you could need from a dirt bike helmet camera, so I'll list all of their important features below.

So what else do both of these helmet cameras offer?

  • Super smooth image stabilization to smooth out vibrations from your dirt bike's engine, and while riding over the roughest terrain.
  • Stunning 4K video resolution for crystal clear footage. The Garmin shoots at 30FPS, and the GoPro shoots at a slightly better 60 FPS.
  • Quality camera mounts and casings, including helmet mounts, chest mounts, handlebar mounts, and mounts for lots more applications other than dirt biking.
  • 12 megapixel camera for high quality still images, I use the photo feature a lot for my Instagram.
  • Lightweight design, the Garmin comes in at just 87.9 grams, the GoPro is a little heavier at 116 grams. Some riders feel the GoPro is a little heavy, especially when mounted on top of the helmet; personally, I never even notice it's there.
  • WiFi connectivity means you can transfer pictures and video to your phone while you're at the track, or riding the trails. You can then edit and share these with your friends before you even get home.
  • Both cameras have a removable, replaceable battery. I don't recommend the GoPro Hero 7 silver or white, as the batteries are built in. Although they'll probably last many years, throwing a good camera away just because the battery is dead seams an awful waste.

Which one is the best helmet camera?

As I mentioned earlier, these cameras are pretty equally matched for dirt bike riding, but they each have a few extras to offer. For example, the Garmin has the G-metrix data overlays which add something really cool to your videos. As well as riding dirt bikes, I also love flying paramotors, so the G-metrix is a great feature for that, as you can see below.

dirt bike helmet cameras

I haven't tried it, but I'm sure the G-metrix would also work great while riding the tracks or trails!

The GoPro Hero 7 Black also has lots of really great features that the Garmin doesn't. Take the previously mentioned 4K60 video for example, which gives you stupidly crisp video quality with something called hypersmooth. This gives super smooth stable video as you can see in this video.

Or maybe you like the sound of live streaming your video to Facebook while you're racing against 30 other riders, how cool does that sound?

So which one should you buy?

Although I'm using both, I really don't think you need to buy both cameras. I have two because my Garmin stays mounted to my paramotor helmet, and my GoPro stays on my dirt bike helmet. But that's not to say the Garmin isn't good for dirt biking, because I used it lots for riding before buying the GoPro and it was perfect.

You really can't go wrong with either of these awesome helmet cameras, but take a look at the different features to see which one has exactly what you need.

dirt bike helmet cam

Other dirt bikes action cameras

These cameras can seem a little pricey, but you really are getting the most up to date technology, and a super durable camera that's perfectly suited to dirt bike riders. If you just can't bring yourself to stretch the budget that far, there are a few other popular options.

The best mid-priced Helmet camera

I'm going for the Y14K+ (Link to the camera on Amazon). I haven't tried this camera myself, but I've been lucky enough to look at one in the flesh. The build quality is fantastic, and they're proving very popular with the motocross community. But bare in mind that you'll need to buy a waterproof housing separately before you hit the mud.

You'll get 4K60fps video resolution, and a 12MP camera, awesome image Stablization, and heaps more useful features.

The best budget helmet camera

The best budget option has to be the Akaso V50 Pro, and you can check the current price of the camera on Amazon here > Akaso V50 Pro.

The Akaso has proven quite popular at the track, and the reviews on Amazon say it all really. For the stupidly low price you're really getting a great capable little camera that captures video in 4k at 30 FPS, and features 6-axis image stabilization.

If I could only buy one helmet camera, which would it be?

I've given you 4 great cameras to consider, but if you're a little stuck it's probably best to consider your budget. Personally, if a camera is a little pricey, I wait it out and save the pennies until I can afford it.

So which one would I choose if I could only buy one? I'd go with the Garmin, simply because mine has taken such a battering, and it's still working flawlessly.

I like the fact that I can simply turn the switch on top of the casing to turn the camera on, and start recording simultaneously. This is great for starting and stopping recording while riding, without removing your helmet.

It's never failed to record like some cameras do, the G-metrix is fantastic, and it's got lots more great features like voice control, and remote control via the smartphone app.

360 degree helmet cameras

360 degree cameras are becoming more and more popular, with motocross racers especially. You can attach them to your helmet just like a regular helmet camera, and they record spherical video, or capture spherical photos. When you share the video, your viewer will be able to look all around 360 degrees, just like they were really there with you.

GoPro are currently leading the way with the incredible Fusion 360 (link to Amazon).

The GoPro Fusion records video in unbelievable 5.2K and captures 18 megapixel photos. You can also take a spherical 5.2K video and turn it into a standard 1080p video, from whatever angle you choose. This means you don't have to worry about finding the correct mounting angle on your helmet or your dirt bike.

360 degree cameras are pricey, but they are definitely the future of helmet cameras.

Go get your dirt bike helmet camera!

Thanks for checking out this post, whichever cam you choose from these options is sure to capture some memorable dirt biking moments! When you have your camera, be sure to check out some awesome accessories for your dirt bike HERE.

Or check out some great riding tips for beginners HERE.

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