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Must have Dirt bike accessories: The top 14 choices for serious riders

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Although dirt bikes are awesome, there's still lots of ways of making them even better! In this post we'll look at the top 14 dirt bike accessories all riders should have. These accessories will enhance your riding experience, as well as protecting you and the dirt bike, and making your life so much easier.

1. Pivot levers

dirt bike accessories pivot levers

All riders will crash at some point, and standard levers will always bend or snap when the handlebar impacts the ground. This is the last thing you want to happen at any time, and especially out on the trails miles from home, or during a race.

Pivot levers are always the first accessory I add when I get a new dirt bike. When the bike impacts the ground, these levers will fold in the opposite direction to normal to prevent them snapping. They're spring loaded, so after they pivot they will flick right back into position.

The levers pictured above are by Zeta, and I've used a pair for many years without bending or breaking them. You can check to see which part number you will need HERE. They fit multiple dirt bikes, both motocross and enduro models, and you can check the current price on Amazon here > Pivot Levers

2. Fork Bleeders

dirt bike accessories fork bleeders valves

As you ride your dirt bike, the front suspension works hard to provide you with a smooth ride. As the forks are sealed, heat generated inside of them causes air pockets to expand. This makes for a stiffer ride, which gradually gets worse as more and more pressure builds.

All forks have screws to release this pressure, but you can only do it after you've ridden, and it requires tools. Fork bleeders replace the standard screws, and let you release the pressure with a simple press of a button. This can be done during, and after you've ridden.

Simply reach over and press down on the fork bleeders to release the air, holding them for 2 seconds, and that's it, simple!

Fork bleeders are super cheap, and they can be installed in under 5 minutes. Check the current price of the valves pictured above on Amazon here > Fork Bleeders

3. Exhaust Wash Plug

Washing your dirt bike is essential to prevent unnecessary wear and corrosion. Something you should never neglect during washing is an exhaust plug, or bung. Exhaust plugs will prevent water entering the silencer, soaking the packing, rusting the exhaust, and entering the engine via the exhaust port.

The day before writing this article I just finished rebuilding the engine of my friends CR 250. The bike was washed without an exhaust plug, and sat in his shed for many weeks. The crank and main bearings rusted and needed replacing, and when I removed the gudgeon pin, the roller bearing disintegrated in my hand!

This is an expensive mistake which cost hundreds to fix, and about 25 hours of work. So never wash your dirt bike without these cheap, but essential accessories.

When buying an exhaust plug, be sure to select the correct size, as 2-stroke and 4-stroke plugs will be different sizes. Also, look for a soft material, as some of the hard plastic plugs don't create a tight enough seal around the exhaust, and they can let water past.

4. Hand guards

dirt bike accessories hand guards

If you're riding trails or competing in enduro events, you'll need a set of hand guards to keep your hands safe from roost and tree branches. Large rocks thrown up by other riders can easily break your fingers, as can tree branches.

Hand guards will also prevent mud from landing on your hands, which can get between your fingers, and on your grips, and get super slippery.

Not only do hand guards protect you, but they also provide protection for your levers and grips during a crash, or an impact with any object on the trails. And they also add a really cool look to any dirt bike!

Look for a tough set like the Acerbis hand guards (link to Amazon) pictured above, as these fix to your handlebars, not your levers. Hand guards that fix to the levers should be avoided, because they can actually break the lever's bracket in the event of a crash.

5. Airbox wash cover

If you've ridden your dirt bike in wet or muddy conditions, you'll know how dirty the airbox can get. But it's always a pain to wash because of the fear of water entering the engine through the air intake.

Instead of going through the hassle of removing the subframe to clean it, an airbox wash cover will prevent water and dirt entering the intake. They simply bolt on using the filter bolt, or clips, to form a tight seal to let you power wash the dirt bike worry free.

When buying an airbox wash cover, you will need to select the correct dirt bike model as all covers are shaped different. Look for a tough design, as some of the cheaper ones are made from very thin plastic that will crack when you tighten the bolt.

6. fender mount toolkit

dirt bike accessories fender mount toolkit

Another important accessory for trail and enduro riders, a toolkit will save your butt when your dirt bike breaks, as they all do eventually. Carrying tools in a back pack should be avoided, as sharp tools like screwdrivers can present a hazard during a crash. Mounting them to the dirt bike is a much safer option, and I've found a fender pouch to be the best option for this.

Look for a waterproof pouch to keep your tools dry and free from rust, and tough materials to prevent tearing during a crash or contact with branches, etc. You'll want separate compartments to stop your tools clanging together, as this can remove the plating and cause them to rust.

I use a fender mounted toolkit similar to the one pictured above. These are designed to handle the abuse that a tough enduro will place on them, and they come with all of the essential tools. Find out more, or view the current price on Amazon here > Fender toolkit.

Find more toolkit options, and discover all of the essential tools you'll need to carry with you in THIS POST.

7. Holeshot device

If you're racing motocross and you want that holeshot bonus check, then you'll need a holeshot device. One part of the device is attached to the fork leg, the other part goes on the fork guard.

Before starting the race, the rider will push down on the forks to engage the device. This lowers the front end of the dirt bike to keep the front wheel down during a start. This means you can stay at full power rather than letting off the gas to prevent a wheelie.

Obviously you loose a little traction as the centre of gravity moves forward, but years of Japanese and European motocross research has found a holeshot device to give riders the advantage. All of the best riders are using these, so without a holeshot device you'll have no chance of getting that check!

Be sure to buy a good trusted holeshot device, as some of the cheap ones will not release when they're supposed to. If they get hung up then you might get the holeshot, but you'll loose the race.

Works connection are trusted by all of the top racing teams, and you can check out their awesome holeshot device on Amazon here > Holeshot device.

8. Skid plate

dirt bike accessories skid plate

A skid plate will protect your frame and engine, and is essential if you're riding trails. It's hard to believe an impact with a rock could crack your engine, but it does happen and I've seen it a few times over the years. This would really spoil your day, especially if you're miles away from home deep in the trails.

The type of riding you do will determine what type of skid plate you need. For trail riding, an aluminium wrap around plate that protects the bottom and sides of the engine, and also offers protection for the frame is preferred. For motocross a simple bottom plate that protects the sump should be sufficient for most tracks.

When you have your skid plate, you can also get an extension plate that protects your suspension linkage. If you're riding super rough terrain, rock sections, or log piles, these are definitely recommended.

You can check out the awesome enduro wrap around skid plate pictured above on Amazon here > Skid Plate.

9. Fork seal grit removing tool

dirt bike accessories fork seal cleaner

This is a dirt bike accessory I only recently discovered, but it's now something I would never be without. If you've ridden dirt bikes for a while, you'll know all about leaky fork seals; and changing them is a pain in the butt! You change them, and a few rides later they're leaking again!!!

Presuming your fork leg isn't damaged and destroying the seal, it's likely that it's simply a case of dirt getting under the seal that's causing it to leak. And removing the dirt will solve the problem.

Risk Racing make something called the fork seal doctor, and it's awesome. You simply pop your seal out, clip the seal doctor over the fork stanchion, and the tool removes dirt and grit form the fork and the seal within seconds.

Check out a video of the tool in action, and check the current price and the awesome reviews on Amazon here > Fork Seal Doctor

10. Radiator guards

dirt bike accessories radiator guards

If you've had your dirt bike for a while, or if you've ever bought a used dirt bike, the chances are that the radiators are bent, dented, or damaged in some way. Radiator guards will stop this happening, and they will also provide a support to strengthen the radiator.

Rad guards are super strong and are usually made from aluminium, and they will usually replace the standard plastic louvres. Look for guards that allow significant air flow to the radiator like the ones pictured above (link to view them on Amazon).

11. Dirt bike maintenance stand

Here's a dirt bike accessory every rider needs in their van, and their garage. A lift stand will make your life so much easier. A good stand is essential for washing your dirt bike, and for carrying out maintenance like tire changes, and suspension work.

Many riders will lift their dirt bike onto a stack of bricks or a milk crate instead of buying a stand. This may do the trick, but there's really no substitute for a decent stand. A lift stand will also lift the dirt bike for you, so you won't have to struggle manoeuvring it onto a dodgy pile of bricks, or an unstable crate.

Even if your bike is a road legal version which already has a kickstand installed, you will still need a stand. If you need to drop a wheel out or remove the swingarm, the kickstand will be useless.

I've got a whole post dedicated to stands, and you can find the top 5 choices, along with an essential buyers guide right HERE.

12. Hour meter / Tach

Many dirt bike parts only have a certain service life. For example, most manufacturers recommend changing the piston on motocross race bikes every 7 hours of riding. It's also good to know how many hours a dirt bike has clocked when it comes time to sell it.

Instead of timing yourself, or simply guessing when parts need changing, get yourself an hour meter. You can fix it to your frame with some cable ties and then check it periodically to see how many hours you've clocked up.

All you have to do is wrap a wire around the spark plug lead, and the hour meter will automatically start counting when you start the engine.

Many hour meters will also have a tachometer setting, this is handy when running in an engine after a rebuild. They're cheap, and they include a lifetime battery so they're hassle free!

13. Tie downs for transporting your dirt bike

dirt bike accessories tie downs

Next up is an accessory that all riders will be glad of when it comes time to transport their dirt bike with another vehicle.

Whether you ride trails, enduro, or motocross, you'll need to transport your dirt bike with a van or car at some point. Rope is a pain, and it takes too much time to tie knots, and then undo them again when you get there. So I use tie down ratchet straps just like the ones pictured above (link to Amazon).

These straps are specifically designed for transporting motorcycles, so they are made for ease of use. Your dirt bike can be safely strapped down in seconds, and these straps support a massive 5208 lbs, so you have no worries about them breaking.

14. Handlebar plugs

Last up on the list of dirt bike accessories is something very often overlooked, but an important addition to all handlebars. Some handlebars come with plugs in the ends, for example, pro taper add these to all of their handlebars. But most bars have open ends which can let in dirt and water.

This is bad, as the water and dirt will corrode the aluminium when the bike sits in storage. This will slowly weaken the bars, and could eventually lead to them breaking while you're riding.

Handlebar plugs are cheap, and you can get them in an anodized color to match your dirt bike, so they'll also look good. Be sure to buy the right size, dirt bikes have ⅞ inch handlebars, so mountain bike plugs will not fit.

Go get your dirt bike accessories!

Thanks for checking out this post, these must have dirt bike accessories will really change the way you ride from now on. When you have your accessories, you'll also want to check out all of the protective gear you'll need by going > HERE.

Or if you fancy an awesome new set of handlebars, check out my buyers guide with some of the best riders choices HERE.


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